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DBF Repair gives you one last chance to repair a damaged or corrupted dbf file
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20 November 2015

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Various organizations use professional and utility oriented software to create and maintain different kinds of database. These databases usually carry the extension .dbf. Some of the applications associated with DBF file extension are Abacus Law (DATA), Alpha Five along with ArcView, CDBF etc. These databases may contain crucial information about the organizations such as project plans, sales-charts, accounts, secret tender quotes etc. Needless to say, a user will eventually suffer huge losses if somehow these DBF files get corrupted. In such a case, the user will require a remedial procedure for recovering this data. DBF Recovery v.3.15 provides a quick solution for these kinds of problems, sparing in the process, its users the fear of losing their valuable information for good.

DBF Recovery v.3.15 by HiBase Group is a quick, powerful and simplified application for repairing corrupt database files. This is a single window application which provides a very easy procedure for fast recovery of corrupted DBF files. The layout and interface is simple and suitable even for users with average computer knowledge. It has two list boxes for input files and resulting output file and a wide “Start” button for executing the whole action. You just have to select the corrupt database file and hit the ”Start” button and the file will be recovered in no time. It can recover files of many popular database appliations like FoxPro, dBase III and IV along with FoxBase, Clipper etc. Its intelligent feature recognizes the DBF files, thereby executing the best and most suitable recovery method. This application is light and doesn’t hamper system performance. Thus, it can be simultaneously used with other programs running on the computer.

Overall, DBF Recovery v.3.15 is an easy-to-use, quick and complete tool for recovering corrupt database files. It has a very high utility at the professional level in organizations which maintain their crucial database in various applications associated with DBF extension and thus it receives a score of three rating points for its optimum performance.

Publisher's description

DBF Recovery is a powerful tool for automatic dbf repair. If your dbf file has been damaged or corrupted, don't despair and download DBF Recovery instead. Not only does it fix database headers, the program has powerful artificial intelligence to analyze actual data structures, detect errors and restore the database as accurately as possible. The recovery procedure is completely automated and doesn't require any manual interference from the user.
DBF Repair is specifically designed for users who are unversed in database recovery technologies. Its refreshingly uncomplicated interface allows you two recover a dbf-file in two steps. Firstly, you should specify the location of the source file, then the location for the output file. Additionally, if you want to recover deleted records and minimize the program to tray, you can check the appropriate checkboxes.
A click on the "Start" icon starts the recovery process. DBF Recovery can recover almost all currently popular database formats, including dBase III, dBase IV, FoxPro, Visual Foxpro. The database format is determined automatically. DBF Recovery is optimized for high speed performance which enables you to recover a database in minutes. The recovery doesn't cut down on system productivity and you can easily work with other applications while it is in progress. Another good thing about the program is that it doesn't require any external drivers to connect to databases (ODBC, BDE).
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Very good dbf repair tool.
Using "Kernel for DBF recovery". Software recovery and restore the all corrupt database information within DBF files
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